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What is Phase Zero? 

Phase Zero is a self-published-experimental-exploration-time-capsule-print-publication. It is an artifact attempting to document and critique the rapidly evolving culture and visual language of the current counterculture in NYC. Phase Zero accepts and publishes all submissions.

Get your hands on a copy! Phase Zero is currently sold at Bungee Space, Desert Island Comics, Human Relations NYC, and Village Works! You can also take a look at issues 01–05 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Watson Library.


Print specifications

All artwork must be supplied at 300 dpi. High-res PDF, TIFF and JPEG files are accepted. All artwork will be printed in black and white.

Written works must be supplied as a PDF, Google docs, or Microsoft Word document. Written works must be under ~2,000 words.

Email submissions to

Phase Zero #5
August 4, 2023


Design & Production: Maya Valencia & Sydney Maggin
Editors: Maya Valencia & Sydney Maggin 
Cover typeface: Phase Zero? by Maya Valencia & Sydney Maggin 
Front & inside pink cover: Alex Carmen 
Back & back inside pink cover: Pierre Chronic
Back cover: Jack Blasko
Back inside cover: Filthyguts
Foldout poster: Carter Gill
Contributors:  Alex, Alex Carmen, Amaya Branche, Anna Montalto, Arlo Drogin-Carter, Arye Levin, Ava McVaileyan, Cal Botelho, Carter Gill, Contributor 003, Cooper Ellenbogen, Death Metal, Florida, DIMWIT, Eden Bensadoun, FilthyGuts, Finn McDaniel, Ginny Dayges, Greyson DeGregorio, Hamish McCallion, HMAC, Ingrid Tai, Jack Blasko, Jack Bullard, Jacob Daley, James Cabrera, James McGough, Janie Heath, Jennifer Chung, Julia Hirschman, Kath DeGennaro, Katherine Gleason, Liam Doyle, Luke Gralia, Margot Amadei, Max Van Alstine, MEMORY CARD, Mia Valentina, Michael Chabler, Myles Facey, Nell McKeon, Nicole Kiziuk, NOIX, Noor Shoresh, OpenExit, Parker Albert, Pierre Chronic, Quixote Vassilakis, Rosie Armao, Sam Fuchs, Sam Judge, Sarah Rose Feldman, Serena Shachory, SillyFun, Tianna Herrington, The 3rd Song, Zachary Morphew, Zahrani Alzahrani, Zoe Flike, 2CBDealer

Phase Zero #4
June 11, 2023


Design & Production: Maya Valencia & Sydney Maggin
Editors: Maya Valencia & Sydney Maggin
Cover typeface: Foil by Anya Osipov
Front & inside pink cover: Contributor 003
Back & back inside pink cover: Contributor 003
Back cover: Emma Mora
Foldout poster: Dust Ultra
Contributors: Adrian Villarreal, Angel Mystery, Annie Mildrew, Anya Osipov, Carter Gill, Chris Panicker, Contributor 003, Emily Yoon, Graham Millar, Greyson DeGregorio, Hamish McCallion, Heather Yuan, HMAC, Ingrid Tai, Jack Blasko, Jean Luc Aubergine, Jennifer Chung, Katherine Gleason, Kath DeGennaro, Liam Doyle, Luke Gralia, Megan_comic, Michael Chabler, Nils Paeter, Nico Cattaneo, Pablo Gonzalez, Probablyjenn, Pierre Chronic, Rosie Armao, Serena Shachory, SillyFun, Sophia Marret

Phase Zero #3
May 16, 2023


Design & Production: Maya Valencia & Sydney Maggin
Editors: Maya Valencia & Sydney Maggin
Cover typeface: Nouille by Anaïs Pyrczak
Front pink cover: HMAC 
Back pink cover: Liam Doyle 
Back inside pink cover:
Ashley Fletcher
Back cover: Pierre Chronic
Back inside cover: Hamish McCallion
Foldout poster: Anaïs Pyrczak
Contributors: Anonymous, Adrian Villarreal, Amaya Branche, Anya Osipov, Anaïs Pyrczak, Ashley Fletcher, Carter Gill, Christopher Adams, Ellie Anhalt, Elliot Welsh, Emily Gopoyan, HMAC, Hamish McCallion, Heather Yuan, Jack Blasko, Jenna Shearer, Jennifer Chung, Julia Hirschman, Kath DeGennaro, Kate M., Lais, Janela Marques dos Santos, Lou Salazar Castillo, Lindiwe Priscilla Krasin, Liam Doyle, Max Van Alstine, Meiyi Chen, Pippin Lapish, Pierre Chronic, Robert Duggan, Sam Judge, Serena Shachory, SillyFunBabe, Stella Crouch, Tanner Hemmingsen, Tianna Herrington, Vera Svava, Xuanruo Zhou, Zoe Wolfsen

Phase Zero #2
April 12, 2023

Sold out

Design & Production: Maya Valencia & Sydney Maggin
Editors: Maya Valencia & Sydney Maggin
Cover typeface: Sydney Maggin
Front pink cover: Hamish McCallion
Back inside pink cover: Liam Doyle
Back cover: Sydney Maggin
Foldout poster: Pierre Chronic
Contributors: Max Van Alstine, Mar Solace, Ella Pruit, Noa Villarin, Anya Osipov, Elizabeth Sidelnikov, Pierre Chronic, Pablo Gonzalez, Carter Gill, Liam Doyle, Chloe Liu, Meiyi Chen, Lourdes Salazar Castillo, James Lynch, Colin Elmer, Serena Shachory, Helen Chappele, Marlowe Shachory, Jenn Shearer, Kyle Kalebjian Clark, Shinyoung Kim, Kate M., Grayson Cassels, Amelies Stealy, Ingrid Tai, Janet Valentina Manina, Zoe Flike, Jennifer Chung, Stella Crouch, Kath DeGennaro, Victor Hernandez, Lais Janela Marques dos Santos, The Final Sound, Primitive Heart, Faux Fear, Coatie Pop,  Anaïs Pyrczak, Jack Blasko, YSA Ancheta, Zahrani Alzahrani, Victoria Winter, Hamish McCallion, Ms. Teen America

Phase Zero #1
March 1, 2023

Sold out

Design & Production: Maya Valencia & Sydney Maggin
Editors: Maya Valencia & Sydney Maggin
Cover typeface: Untitled by Maya Valencia
Back cover: Maya Valencia
Back inside cover: Au Plain
Foldout poster: Contributor 003
Contributors: Pierre Chronic, Anya Osipov, Jack Blasko, SillyFun, Hamish McCallion, Serena Shachory, Emma Mora, Jack Bullard, Celesta Romera, Sam Linguist, Contributor 003, Jean Luc Aubergine, Haley Brown-Bloom, Pisha, Pablo Gonzalez, Zeke Foerster, Elliot Welsh, James McGough, Destyn M., Kayla Berry, Amaya Branche, Heart Rot, Grayson Cassels, Au Plain, Noa Villarin, YSA Ancheta, Hunter Isenstein, Zoe Flike, Anaïs Pyrczak

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